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Barra do Itariri

"Barra do Itariri" a small village is called, where electricity and water-pipeline are recent events. Except the idyllic bay there is a broad, endless and lonely beach. Directly at this beach lies very idyllic hotel "Bougainville", that is managed by a German and the Itariri Resort hotel. Since short time exists a splendourful motorway, "Linha Verde", that gives from Salvador to Aracaju, to the capital of the Federal State of "Sergipe". This "Linha Verde" brings to the region a special potiential of economic growth. The well-known touric atractions in the neigbourhood are here "Costa do Sauipe", "Praia do Forte" and "Mangue Secco".

Description of the property:

Beacht-Property in BAHIA/ Brazil, ca. 26.000 m², ca. 76 m sea-frontline, electricity and water-pipeline existing. € 120.000,- .

Localisation of the property:

"Litoral Norte da Bahia""Litoral Norte there Bahia", approx.. 130 km motorway "Linha Verde" of the capital Salvador. "Barra do Itariri" belongs to the municipality of "Conde" and does not lie far from the nature park "Mangue Secco". To Aracaju, the capital of the Federal State Sergipe, you drive about 1 hour with the car.-- Road-Map: Click here!

Use possibilities:

  • Mansion land development
  • Hotel plant
  • Holidays housing estate


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